"Tejkaramella", it is a soft centered fudge, that was cut into squares and then wrapped individually into small wax-paper. The packaging design is from the 1950' but it remained the same until the 80'. Regardless its popularity there is no Hungarian made fudge available anymore, the Polish fudge"Krowki" is sold in shops.

"Tejkaramella"/Fudge made by me

original add from the 60'
The recipe I have used is from this blog (in Hungarian). After I have prepared my large pot with heavy base, (boiled water in it to clean it from any grease) poured all the ingredients; 500ml condensed milk, 100ml cream, 125g sugar, half a pod vanilla. This amount makes 32 piece. Keep it on a very low heat and stir it so it does not burn. In the beginning you don't need to stir it rigorously, although as you get closer to the right consistency there is a very good chance that you will fell it as a good work out on stirring arm. Fudge is nice when it's gluey in the center for this stage you can test it by dropping a small amount into iced water. It is done if it sets but still deforms when pressing with your fingers. Spread it onto a well greased pan, and let it cool. Slice it while it is still slightly warm otherwise it will break when try to cut it.