Túró Rudi/Cottage cheese-Chocolate Bar

The Beast, an oversized 'rudi", who knows what for?
"Túró) Rudi" is the name of a chocolate bar which is composed of a thin outer coating of chocolate and an inner filling of quark cheese (túró). This quark cheese dessert's history goes back to the 1940' when the Soviet influence was increasing. The recipe was taken from a Russian sweet  called "Turo Eskimo" which was then was successfully improved and it later became one of the most successful of all in Hungary. The "pöttyös" literally "dotted" theme is part of the marketing scheme of the bar, and the distinctive red polka-dots are readily associated with Túró Rudi by regular consumers.  The version sold outside Hungary is said to be sweeter and comes with a milk chocolate coating to suit the taste of locals.